CoreLogic wins Southwark.

After a long procurement process and legal complications, Southwark Council have finally announced CoreLogic as their new choice of system supplier for their Social Services Case Management solution.

In a bid to assure and maintain fairness whilst sourcing their Case Management solution, the Project and Implementation team involved the critical business users of the application, who were invited attend demonstrations as well as mark and compare system functionality, in a truly operationally lead Procurement exercise. CoreLogic’s talented sales team have won over the hearts and minds of Social Work practitioners at Southwark.


The initial dates for implementation for the “Mosaic” platform suggests a go live date, an ambitious April 2014, ear marking the borough as one of the first to go live with the Mosaic platform. Southwark seek to consolidate their case recording for Children’s & Adults’, whilst also scoping in service areas within the organisation who were using legacy recording systems / measures. It is understood that Southwark will also be replacing their Business Objects environment with CoreLogic’s Corius reporting solution.