LiquidLogic LCS & EHM Reconfiguration @ Peterborough City Council

Our latest deployment is with Peterborough City Council, implementing the Family Safeguarding Workbook, including data migration from externally held sources such as spreadsheets and other systems.

Development and Reconfiguration of the LiquidLogic LCS and EHM systems will be taking place to to support the combined countywide Peterborough & Cambridgeshire MASH, MASG, IFD (Integrated Front Door) and Early Help Hub transformation agendas.  This includes the reconfiguration and development of custom workflows on LCS, EHM & Frameworki Mosaic systems to support Escalation and De-Escalation (step up and step downs) for the newly outsourced and merged Peterborough & Cambridgeshire Early Help Hub.
Implementation of Capita’s Integrated Youth Justice System to support statutory compliance.

Reconfiguration of the LCS and EHM systems including development of customer defined workflows to support the newly outsourced and combined TAC permanency service.